London Web Summit

Watch below our interviews with the key speakers

and innovative entrepreneurs at the London Web Summit!



Making everyday things connected – SmartThings

After a very successful campaign on Kickstarter and raising $3M in seed funding, Alex Hawkinson, founder and CEO of the Internet-of-things startup SmartThings, was at the summit to demonstrate on stage how you can transform everyday objects into sensors connected to the Internet. With a cloud-based platform and open standards, SmartThings is betting on the developer and maker communities to get involved and integrate their own devices or apps and help build “an open physical graph“. He was kind enough to offer us a private demo.


Building London’s tech start up community – Pete Smith from Silicon Milkroundabout

Pete Smith, co-funder of SongKick, talks to Mobile Reporter about the London tech scene and the Silicon Milkroundabout events: the start-up community’s jobs fair for developers, designers, product managers and growth hackers.


Crowdfunding as an incubation platform – Indiegogo at the #Websummit

Danae Ringelmann, co-founder of the social fundraising platform Indiegogo, talks to Mobile Reporter about how crowdfunding is shifting from traditional funding models and becoming “the world’s incubation platform”.

Additionally Danae announces the partnership of Indiegogo with the global payment company Adyen. This will give crowdfunders localized payment options like Maestro in UK or Carte Bleue in France.


Control what you eat – Hapilabs @websummit 

Fabrice Boutain from Hapilabs talks about the philosophy behind their healthy eating devices. With tools like the HAPIfork, a vibrating fork which tells you off for eating too fast, Hapilabs hopes to help us monitor and change our eating habits.


Lectrio – An online learning environment 

Nikita Korotaev is presenting  Lectrio, an online learning platform to build and share courses with student outside the classroom.

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