Mozilla Festival

The visionOntv team is at the Mozilla Festival again this year. Check out below our coverage during 3 amazing days of talks, workshops and presentations where makers, techies and artists joined together to work on new exciting tools.

Eric Rosenbaum, co creator of “Makey Makey” shows us how to use his invention kit to create sound with virtually anything and how to “ductape your cat to the internet”.

Jesse Shapins, documentary artist, media theorist and co-creator of Zeega, shows us how the web interactive editor works. Could this tool change the way we’re creating and remixing video on the web?

Brett Gaylor, film-maker and director of the PopCorn project, talks to visionOntv about the latest version of Mozilla’s open-source app PopCorn Maker. What’s next for the web-based interactive tool? How does it compare to other storytelling projects like Zeega, 3WDOC or Linklib? What about a mobile-friendly version?

Joumana Al Jabri and Ahmad Barclay talk to visionOntv about the Visualizing Palestine collective. This group of researchers, designers and activists create visual stories by collecting data to raise awareness on the situation in Palestine.

Film-maker Simon Klose talks to us about his 2 projects, a documentary on Pirate Bay and a new storytelling tool Linklib. This tools allows fim-makers to send time synched links from a full screen video directly to the audience phones.


Nathan Matias from MIT Media Lab talks to visionOntv about the session is hosting on curating news at the Mozilla Festival. With the arrival of storytelling tools like PopCorn Maker and Zeega, there are news ways of curating not only text but also video. Does this mean a new workflow for both citizen journalists and the newsrooms?

Jack Herrick talks to visionOntv about his site WikiHow, a collaborative wiki-based platform where users publish how-to manuals.

Ian Forrester, senior firestarter at BBC R&D, talks to visionOntv about the session he hosted at #mozfest on Perceptive Media.

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