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We are a Worldwide Team Of Mobile Reporter's / Journalist. Our Motto is to give wings to your creativity. 

"MR"  develops and hones your ability to find shape & realise your Stories for "Mobile-Reporter" Digital Media platform. 

Creative Story Work

A "Mobile Reporter" / Your Mobile Video shoot Story / Mobile Video creativity is always looking for what is around the corner. And we believe that a creative work approach to your Story is the best way to show it world-wide. Our creative team will add-on Headlines, Taglines, graphics , Super-Slugs, Location  and innovative web design. Let us come up with a dynamic and exciting way to tell your  story @any Subjects. 

Like : Art and Culture Video, Social Issues, Common man issues, Legal , Court, Tourism, Business, Entertainment, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Hillywood, Sports, Events, Voice of Women, Voice of Youth, Voice of Old age people, City Live, Politics, Police, Administration, Sarkar, India, News, India Ki awaaz, Janta ka Agenda, Mudda, State Government, ws top news stories, Entertainment Video, Mobile Report, IT News , New Technology, Fashion, Food, Property, national news

Media Planning

From public relations work to media buys, we have you covered. Media relations is a huge part of your brand. Part of that comes from building public trust through events and social media. Another part comes from media buy-outs for big announcements. Our team can cover both of these approaches and help you reach your biggest audience to date.

Our Team

Ravi K Vaish, Sr. Journalist & Founder of "Mobile Reporter"

Ravi K Vaish, an Investigative Journalist   is the founder of our team. He is our lead strategist and will be advising you on the most cost efficient ways to reach a wider audience. He began his career in TV media as an intern at the Zee Media Networks, Delhi,India . He developed a passion for media during his job in the field of Investigative Journalism at Zee News / Aaj Tak TV stations.

Khatibah Rehmat, Sr. MR (Food, Fashion & Beauty)

Ms. Khatibah is a well Known Food & Fashion "MR". She will be managing the creatives who will design your Story graphics, edit videos, and design/build it for "MR" .Khatibah believes that the story you tell visually is powerfully influential in shaping Viewers perspectives.

Madhu Sawhney, Sr. Foreign MR ( Montreal, Quebec )

Madhu Sawhney came to us from a Video Programing, Production Team Leader in India's Leading Media Houses like Zee News, CNEB. She will help your Video Mobile Report rise to the top of the search engines results by optimizing it for Google's algorithms. She will increase your followers on social media with posts designed to increase viewers loyalty and engagement.


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